Trail Maintenance and Clean Up

As many of you know, we adopted a section of the Ojai Valley Trail from Barbara Street to Valley Road. We LOVE the trail and enjoy having the opportunity to regularly maintain a section!

We have been cruising the trail every couple of weekends to maintain and get an overall assessment of the current hazards. Thanks to an observant customer/cyclist, we were informed of a HUGE hazard midway through our section of trail.

We. Were. Floored.

We've all seen the occasional encampment that has been deserted. This was one of the more intense cases we encountered. We cleared out approximately 5 large trash bags FULL of trash and there was still plenty more to do. We have contacted the County of Ventura and Parks & Recreation to remove the bedding that had become moldy and littered with numerous biohazards as well as the remaining debris.

Please continue to report any and all hazards on the trail to us! We appreciate all input and want to keep our trails clean and safe!

Stay tuned for future trail clean-up events!

Thank you for your continued support!!

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