COVID-19 Won’t Slow Him Down!

John is working at double speed to get bikes in, brought back to life, and out.

Personal records have been set this month on everything from finding “out-of-stock” items to revival of those old bikes your neighbor found behind the shed.

It’s truly amazing to see the transformation!

We are quickly getting acclimated and always adjusting/updating our COVID-19 policies and procedures per Ventura County, CA state, and federal guidelines.

At this time the county is buckling down for a surge in cases. We want to be there for our community throughout this surge and possible future lockdowns, so we are asking you call the shop prior to dropping off a bicycle. No appointments are needed, but we are not allowing regular traffic in our shop until we can update our entry/exit paths to comply with current restrictions. We thank you for understanding and we look forward to seeing you!!

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