Bike Registrations Opening THIS WEEKEND!

Starting this Saturday, December 12th, Oak View Cyclery is registering your bikes by appointment! This service should ALWAYS be free, regardless of who you go through. We are requesting you make an appointment to ensure we follow social distancing guidelines and keep you and our staff safe and healthy!

A quick refresher on finding your serial number

To cover more ground, we are dually registering bicycles with City of Ventura as well as the nation-wide database Bike Index. The City of Ventura uses their internal database to help reconnect stolen or lost bikes with their proper owners.

While we'd love for there to be a local (Ojai/Oak View) registry, we are working on our own in-house registry until we can work with the local municipalities to make it a reality.

With the current climate, it's a good idea to approach this with not only the city/county-wide approach, but nation-wide as well. That's where Bike Index comes in. They're a wonderful nonprofit cofunded by Seth Herr and Bryan Hance in 2013. Read more about them at

We are one of 3 shops in Ventura County and one of 4 in the SB/Ventura County area providing this service. Our goal is to provide as many registration days as needed and assist with as many recoveries as we can.

Register on our events page today and gain some peace of mind!




Check out some stories of people who recovered their bikes with the assistance of Bike Index:

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